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the art of reconnecting


After a two year hiatus I have decided I can be persuaded to come out of retirement for the occasional booking. I am available via travel request worldwide or if your wanderlust happens to bring you to Portugal. Or during my occasional tour. 


Annually I fly home to The United States on personal holiday. During those personal trips I am known to

open up my schedule to my established friends so we can reconnect...and make up for lost time. Want to join my inner circle?



wide pants.jpg
wide pants.jpg


this mailing list is for my inner circle.


for my longtime regulars and the people planning to spend time with me in 2024. this list is for those craving a connection from across the table, on open water, and via planes.


Sign up here to receive my touring dates. 

Option No.2

this mailing list is for the outer circle. 

This is the general mailing list for those not yet serious to meet me. This is a sporadic semi-annual newsletter. I do not send travel updates or tour announcements here.

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