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Citrus Fruits

I’ve always been a little obsessed with the small things: An exquisitely-made object, the scent of eucalyptus floating in the air or a mischievous wink. So many of life’s delights go unnoticed. But not by me. 

Ask anyone who’s ever received a handwritten love letter from me—complete with personalised wax seal and obscure foreign stamps—I’m a fast woman devoted to a slow lifestyle. An aficionado of the old school, the unique and the artisanal, I’ll confess to being a total sucker for process. How things happen matter just as much to me as the end result.

I’m an adventurer first, a hedonist, alchemist and pervert second.  Which is why, In 2021, I wanted a change. I swapped New York for Lisbon, a city of languor and beauty, where locals can have a fiercely heated debate about which petiscos bar serves the best caracóis (that’s steamed snails, to you!)  and no one bats an eye at the women who sunbathe tits-out on the beaches. Since then, I’ve been road tripping and vibe chasing in pastures new, and looking for real ones to come with. 

You’d be hard pushed to find a better +1. As a seasoned escapologist, I’ve turned travel into a fine art. My passport could tell you stories of ice fishing in Minnesota, sacred rites in Kathmandu and skinny dipping in Bermuda bioluminescence, along with some other stories you have to get me a little tipsy to share. I love planning adventures that fuse old favorites, insider gems and new possibilities. And as much as I enjoy a smattering of Michelin Stars and marble bath tubs, I need variety to keep me interested. 

And a final word; I’m a lethal flirt and the owner of a smile you’ll feel in your hip pocket. As much as I like jet setting, I’m also a proponent of all the places we can travel in a weekend without ever getting out of bed. 

And as for the rest? I’ve always preferred showing to telling.




late 30's





Scandinavian ancestry

Favourite foods

farm to table, creative share plate restaurants

Coffee order

whole milk cortado

whole milk flat white

My Drinks 

dark rum classic daiquiri

Vilmart Champagne


36G - 34 - 52


XL, US 10


flats only, US 8

Myers Briggs

Byredo Gypsy Water

What I want to be when I grow up...


My style

Johanna Ortitz

Max Mara



Sea NY


The Row

INFP + Neurodivergent

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