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The first step, before we can begin our friendship, is client screening. In order to feel comfortable and relaxed during our date, I must feel safe. I ask for what I feel is the bare minimum of screening information needed to safely spend intimate time with a complete stranger


Please introduce yourself with the name you use in both your professional and private life, show me where I can find evidence of you online professionally, and then explain how we might spend our time together. Efficiency is sexy and so is attention to detail. Please don’t make me chase you around asking for this information more than once. False information or Incomplete forms will be deleted without response.


Screening requires a one-time Introduction fee paid after submitting form. This contribution fee is a small gesture to maintain the sincerity of our communication and shows me that you intend to follow through. The amount goes towards booking rate but is separate form deposit.

Lastly, If booking forms aren't your thing, you may send all required pre-screening details below via email to my lovely assistant:

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