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Since relocating to Southern Europe I have been embracing a slower, more intentional and a much more minimalist lifestyle; over-consumption and materialism aren't very appealing to me. Sure, I like nice things and have expensive taste, but lingerie and handbags are NOT the way to my heart. The things that I lust after are a bit more, domestic.


I want the sexiest gift of all: financial security. My biggest dream is homeownership and to someday become the steward of farm land. I want to spend the rest of my life gardening and curating that home full of collected artwork, heirloom rugs and bookshelves overflowing! I want to live comfortably and beautifully, surrounded by good design, objects that tell a story; and all the treasured gifts and things I collected while traveling the world with my suitors.

The most meaningful and appreciated gifts help me achieve this life vision. Below you'll find gifts ranging from everyday items, to a few gifts that would actually change my life. 

If you would like to gift me something not listed on my wishlists below, please ask me first. 

I N V E S T M E N T 

The most direct and profound way for you to show me you respect me and hope I succeed in my future endeavors: is through subsidization. Investing in my future and sponsoring my creative projects is the most attractive thing you could ever do for me.


Financial gifts and random tips can always be sent via my  personal pay-link or Bitcoin or CashApp

  •  Monthly rent  ($1.5k)
  •  Girl's night out  ($250)
  •  House down payment contribution  ($10k)
  •  Sponsor a vacation  ($1.5k)
  •  Max out my Roth IRA  ($6.5k)
  •  Portuguese language lessons  ($500)
  •  Farm land acquisition  ($50k+)



I am a voracious reader. Though admittedly the last decade I rarely ever read just for the pleasure of it. It wasn't until the many lockdowns during the pandemic (bored stiff and fiendish for escapism!) that I started to explore different literary genres. I picked up books again, and haven't put them down since! Reading isn't just a hobby, it is a transformative experience. Books have the power to change lives! Here's the briefest list (updated on the regular) ) of the titles I want in my home library.

Gift to me in person (with my rate discreetly tucked inside).

Or send full price of book + shipping costs via CashApp or using my personal pay-link

books marked with      are the most wanted.


These are my top wishes. Below are what I consider sexy gifts! Gifts ranging from the everyday to a few things that would literally change my life. Every one of these gifts will illicit squeals of delight and are guaranteed to keep you in my memory fondly, for years to come.


If 3rd-party wishlists are more your speed, I also created a Giftful


Receiving gifts during our date is special but you may also email to request my private UPS gifting address. Or you directly send me the funds to purchase gift for myself. Send full purchase price + shipping amount to my personal pay-link or send me the amount via Bitcoin.

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