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 Photobooths may be my analog obsession, but 8mm motion picture film has my heart strings. In recent years I've been honing my skills as a videographer experimenting with visual storytelling and have absolutely fallen in love with super8 cameras. There's something truly magical and unmatched in the quality of 8mm film. As I have mentioned on the first page of my site: "I am a fast woman devoted to a slow lifestyle and an aficionado of the old school and the unique." These days I rarely leave the house without my vintage super8 with me... Jocelyn Mae, filming director, producer! 

Even if you're not a Neo-luddite obsessed with 1960's movie cameras like I am; the option to extend the memory of our once in a lifetime trips, is pretty cool

short-film packages


€4000 / 4 minute short film
Clock-Free booking minimum.


€6000 / 6 minute short film
24 Hour booking minimum.

HOW IT WORKS: during our daylong date or multi-day travels my vintage Canon 514XL super8 camera will always be nearby. If you like, I can teach you how it works, then take turns shooting and capturing the best moments together. Once we say our goodbyes and I return home with all the raw unprocessed film...the creative process really begins. The reels of exposed celluloid film will be chemically processed in a fluid bath then hung to dry (several hundred feet of film!). Once dry the raw footage must be scanned and digitized, after which point the physical film will be destroyed. This digital file, the first time seeing the actual footage shot, is what I bring into post-production. Splicing, editing, color grading. 8mm film does not capture sound, so these are silent video clips. Choosing and syncing a soundtrack is one of my favorite parts of the editing process!


For scale: music videos are usually between 2-3 minutes long...short enough to want to rewatch immediately, but long enough to tell a compelling story. That's the same goal here.


Once I am satisfied with my final adits, our vacation short film is complete! The movie file will be digitally finger printed then hosted to my private server; discreetly accessible via password for rewatching anytime you feel like reliving those memories. 

 Filming packages include the cost of film stock, processing, scanning, digitizing, editing and server hosting. 

Final video length may vary based on quality of film captured, and processing frame rate and editing cuts.  Please allow 6-8 weeks production time to complete project. 

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