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No. 02

No. 02


Ever gotten toppless in a hotel lobby bar? I have!


This particular vintage photobooth is located in the Los Angeles Ace Hotel lobby, quite literally across from the front desk. It is one of the few rare photosbooths with a full length curtain, which would make this the perfect booth, for more...ahem, scandelous photostrips....but the constant onslaught of hotel guest patrons and their nosey kids trying to run up on me naked whilst in the booth, is a bit of a deturant. I'll have to try this again, late night while the Downtown LA streets are quiet, guests are in their beds and the front desk has been generously tipped.

...stay tuned! 


UPDATE: sadly, the Downtown LA Ace Hotel, and all Ace Hotels in USA, have coverted  their analog photobooths to digital booths.


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