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No. 05

No. 05


When I was living in North Carolina I took a midweek Amtrak train a few hours south into Charlotte one rainy morning, for the sole mission of stripping inside a dive bar to get these polka-dotted photostrips. 


Since photochemical photobooths are rare antiques they're more often-than-not, "OUT OF ORDER". I had called this location ahead to make sure the booth was working. Yes it was working, the bartender told me over the phone - and added "it's right in the middle of the bar when you walk in".  


My strategy was to arrive early, before the rush of thirsty patrons started pouring into the bar. I would only have a moment or two to get naked in the booth without being noticed or feeling unsafe or getting in trouble. 


To my absolute delight when I arrived - I was the only person there! No time to waste.  I stepped forward into the bar where a cheery big bellied bartender was wiping down bottles and setting up for the day. I order a pint and paid the man. Then with a soft smile but not a single word exchanged I placed a $40 tip on the oak bar top, spun around on my heels and headed into the photobooth, only ten feet across the room. 


According to universal tipping etiquettte: when a large tip has been been given in advance it generally means one of two things: "please be extra attentive to me" OR "I appreciate your discretion". The bartender that day, understood the assignment. 


For the following hour I got to play around making my self-portraiture art, completely undisturbed and ignored whist completely naked behind a thin, short curtained photobooth. 


Since that day at Snug Harbor Bar, I have gotten naked in dozens of analog photobooths around the world. Only 250 of these rare machines are known to still exist globally today.

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