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This is the photostrip that started it all.

I have been feeding "dip and dunk" analog photobooth machines many a dollar and striking a pose for decades; but it wasn't until late 2019 that I found my creative (albeit illegal) genius.


I was on a recent trip home to Chicago, strolling the back sections of my favourite bookstore in Wicker Park when I noticed a photobooth with a box of masks sitting on a stool. First of all, I had never even noticed this photobooth, but without even thinking I walked right in, closed the curtain, fed the vintage machine $4 and stripped. 


Escorts on average spend about 10k annually on our photoshoots. In the lifespan of our careers that's an immense amount of money. After 17+ years of being an escort I would wager my photoshoot expenses to be near 6-figures. I have flown well-known photographers around the world to shoot me, rented yatches and villas in the Amalfi Coast, been harrassed by Customs agents are the Russian boarder, and accidentallt left photo props in private homes in Istanbul!  


I have produced portraits over the years that still make my jaw drop when I look at them. And yet, after patently waiting five minutes, when this clankety Chicago photobooth spit out the still-wet-just-processed B&W photo strip into the catch-tray and I reached for it...the coy smile that spread across my whole face; because with all the whimmsy of the horse head mask and imperfect body angles...these photostrip nudes are my favourite I have ever taken. And that's saying something.


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