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Based in Lisbon, I am your insider guide to this rustic and romantic Iberian peninsula in Southern Europe. Let's make plans to go sailing, or skinny-dipping across the border in Spain. We could sign up for a regional cooking class, or toss the clock altogether for a weekend of extended bliss. There is no limit on how lusciously we can spend out time together.

The shortest experience I offer in Portugal starts at €2000, for a dinner date up to 4 hours.

After you have introduced yourself and complete screening, please inquire about rates for custom durations, overnights and extended engagements. All travel booking quotes are bespoke. 





Europe / UK 

Whether you're seeking adventure (apres-ski in the Dolomites) a refined evening (collecting Michelin stars in London) or when the craving hits for something a bit more understated and romantic (weekend spent shacked up at a beach cottage in Croatia)...I am your girl.

Conveniently already based in Europe, my proximity makes it so when your spontaneity strikes - it'll take very little convincing to get me on the last flight out to join you. 

Travel rates are bespoke, quotes based on the location + itinerary specifics of our date, and not on duration alone.


50% deposit to confirm | flights + accomodations additional

Everywhere Else

Shucking oysters in Nova Scotia, my feet in your lap while we road trip across the American West, eating our way  through the food stalls in Bangkok, "Do Not Disturb" signs left on hotel doorknobs worldwide...


Gone are the days of the bored, horny business trips and ordering off the room service menu. Say goodbye to stale and obligatory two-weeks PTO. I want good vibes and I want them with you, let's make memories to last lifetimes.

Travel rates are bespoke. quotes based on the location +  itinerary specifics of our date, and not on duration alone.


50% deposit to confirm | flights + accomodations additional



I consider long term arrangements to be a lifestyle.

I am a businesswoman before I am anything else, so my biggest priority is reaching for and achieving my goals. An ongoing arrangement provides a level of stability and security allowing me to work less; creating space for me to devote more of my time into my passion projects (and my passions onto you).


Being subsidized and taken care of by a man whom I admire, whom I want to see grow in his life and career...who in turn wants to see me succeed in mine? That's panty dropper energy! You keep me safe, and I'll keep you wild. 


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