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sadomasochistic insects

Isabella Rossellini is brilliant. Like most truly brilliant people, she's an peculiar one too.

An Italian actress and model, she's got her chops in the cinematic world. The daughter of two legends: Oscar-winning actress Ingrid Bergman and neo-realist master director Roberto Rossellini. She was also the third wife of Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese, and also a former partner of legendary director David Lynch.

In 2008 the glamour icon got into the insect porn business. This is when I came across the project GREEN PORNO and was titillated! Quirky brightly colored educational shorts on the mating habits of bugs and mammals, some of which are oddly arousing. The project was and remains sensational and eccentric. I bought the book, I bought the DVD's. A few years ago she followed up with another fun series called SEDUCE ME. 

It's hard to pick a favorite, but click below to see one of the of kinkiest GREEN PORNO films, which I low-key identify with  ;-)



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