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submissive mouths

In my horny adolescence, I remember when I first came across the 1986 Adrian Lyne film, Nine 1/2 Weeks, how completely fascinated I was with it!. The barely-hinted-at sexual tension through thoughtfully nuanced scenes...and the overtly psychosexual clips. The movie turned me on then and it's just as steamy now half a lifetime later. In the flick, Mickey Rouke plays a Wall Street big shot, while Kim Basinger was a young budding SoHo art gallery curator — the two of them embark down a flirtatious courtship become sadomasochistic love affair. Their sex games were Innocent at first, then quickly turning darker and more visceral....playful blind-folding and strawberries vs. graphic rape roleplays. 

The film came out in the middle 1980's, a good thirty years before the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, and was not warmly received once it hit American theaters. I have read articles that people were outraged about the movie, mostly they didn't understand it, a lot of audiences got up and left during the screening, not wanting to see how dark or upsetting the ending might be. Over the years however, it has become quite a kinky cult classic.

In this scene the director was making a point to show the willing vulnerability of Basinger, with that gentle but assertive dominance coming from Rouke. He wants to see how willing she is to follow orders, it's a game for him, and she's more than willing to play.

Basinger is sitting on the kitchen floor, her eyes shut tight, her body illuminated by the light of the open refrigerator; while Rouke slowly and repeatedly introduces an array of foods to her lips. Each time, she obediently drops her mouth open, the camera pans in for a closeup to show her pouty lips and tongue eagerly waiting for and accepting anything and everything he feeds her, chewing and swallowing all of a good girl, kinda like a kept pet...definitely like a woman about to get fucked silly. 

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